Essma Elaine Imady

Installation Artist

Essma Elaine Imady

revelations and radical presence


a moment in a cave, on a cross, and at a bush.

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Revelations, radical presence.

The female bodies’ presence within certain spaces obtains a radical quality, her entrance into male dominated fields, shrines, and spaces challenges the foundations upon which these places are built.

What would it mean for a woman to enter the space of revelation? To colonize the very moment of formation of religion?

I created three abstract shorts that speak to three pivotal moments within the Abrahamic traditions, moments of burden and salvation and pain.

Moses at the bush.

Jesus at the cross.

Muhammad in the cave.

This female body is one of this age, it does not try to be what it is not, she is aware of her awkwardness within these moments. But she also is a powerful presence; she controls the revelations, commanding their­ beginning and end. Choosing to place herself in this position, choosing this reclamation. This is in contrast to the original moments which narrate a lack of power and control, and even a lack of choice.

And  it is one person here who experiences all three moments, within this harmonizing of multiples is a strength and power.

muhammad jesus moses

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