Essma Elaine Imady

Installation Artist

Essma Elaine Imady




ِAn installation; Oct/6/2015
the screen is fashioned in the style of old ornamental screens, but using the utilitarian tools of our time. the ornaments confuse the vision by threatening the loss of perceptual control; scattering the anchor of sight and propelling the viewer from awe into boredom into contemplation. war becomes just another mass ornament; actions that result from informational points in a large drawing.
The screen conceals the video work once more frustrating the gaze by completely withholding the imagery. How can I show you the beauty of a place that no longer exists within or without me? even my own experience of these moments and spaces has been corroded. thus even my best attempt is canceled and withheld. only the sound escapes concealment; but my memory is an unreliable narrator; it unfolds fragments of thoughts like a dream or a memory. the fragments  are obscured by my distance to them and by my own doubting of them and by the non linear rush of time.
I can not show you or tell you. only bring you there by denying you


image1 image3 image10


even the video shown here has been hidden from your view using the photograph of the display.

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 10.10.34 PM

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