Essma Elaine Imady

Installation Artist

Essma Elaine Imady

Heavy- Bahmout


“In Arab mythology there is a heaviness in the depth of the sea, upon which the Earth is held. If you call on this heaviness, it will stir and the Earth will quake. Essma Imady’s video piece and live performance, “Bahamout, Heavy,” seeks to translate this heaviness through the burden of her flesh. For the entire duration of the 2015 MCAD MFA Fall Exhibition, The Meeting Waters, Imady will hold a monitor displaying her video piece.”

I am very much overwhelmed by home right now. it is a crippling feeling.  I carried the 32′ screen for three hours, the visitors would ask me again and again ” are you okay?”.
I am not okay.
And it is not because of a heavy screen.
But because of an un-named heaviness dwelling within my existeness.



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